Be Inspired By The Best Poker Players Of This Century

Texas Holdem poker is one of the most popular online and offline games of the current century. This highly interesting game is reported to have more than a hundred million active players around the world. While some may consider this game to be gambling, others simply view it as a game of skill. Be it the traditional or offline version of Poker or the online version, there is no denying the fact that this is a complicated game and in order to excel in it the player has to balance a lot of concepts, some of which may be contradictory to one another occasionally. Of course, experience and practice also plays an important role in helping one win the game in addition to investing in poker training books and strategy books.

In order to master the art of playing poker, one can take inspiration from some of the best poker players of this century. After all, if they can do it then so can you! Irrespective of how many poker books/guides you read, it will be of no use if you do not learn to put them into practice. Therefore, you should play poker games in order to master the game. The best advice here would be to try out free poker games so that you don’t end up losing real money. Moreover, the mistakes that you make in these poker games won’t cost you anything but they will definitely help you to be a better poker player.

There is no dearth of great poker players in this century and Antonio Esfandiari is one of them. Nicknamed as ‘The Magician’, Esfandiari hails from San Francisco in California. He has been placed first in poker tournaments for six times. He is also the winner of three World-Series of Poker-bracelets. As far as the total winnings made by this exceptionally good player is concerned, he has managed to rake in at least $24,000,000 including the prizes won in poker tournaments.

Las Vegas is the gambling destination, with casinos offering poker at almost every corner of the street, it is not surprising that this lively and beautify city in Nevada will be home to some of the best poker players in history. The top example of an expert poker played from Vegas in this century is Erik Seidel. Also referred to as ‘Sly’ and ‘Seiborg’, Seidel has held the first position for twenty three times in a poker tournament. He had also won more than eight of the World Series of Poker bracelets. Needless to mention, his favorite game is Texas Holdem Poker, which he plays religiously thereby obtaining more and more expertise and skills pertaining to the game win cash and becoming one of the best poker players of all time!

Just like the above two best poker players of the century, there are plenty of other names that make it to the list too such as Daniel Negreanu, Sam Trickett, Michael Mizrachi, Phil Ivey, Jamie Gold, John Juanda and so on. One can study their gaming style or pick up tips recommended by them in order to learn a thing or two about poker from them. Apart from amateurs and those new to the world of poker, even seasoned professionals should make use of these tips as a way of reminding themselves about effective strategies from time to time. After all, it is said that Poker is a game which is easy to learn but very difficult to master, therefore you should take extra measures to ensure that you manage to keep your knowledge of the game intact! With so many resources available to help you become a winning poker player, it is just a matter of how far you are willing to go in order to achieve this fun and challenging goal!