Biggest Online Casino Jackpots Paid Out Ever

win cashThe best slot machine tactics are revealed online if gamers look closely. For instance, the biggest online casino jackpots paid out ever was a British fisherman who “netted a cool £5.4 million jackpot” reported London’s Daily Mail in 2013. While the fisherman asked not to be named, this slot jackpot winner did reveal his tips for wining. For instance, rather than just betting just 20p or a £1 per spin, he said the best advice is to “always cover all lines” with the maximum pound bet.

The others who have hit the big slot jackpots in the UK include a London woman who hit £5.4 playing the Mega Fortune, and a couple also playing Mega Fortune from Liverpool who claimed a cool £2 million, reported BBC TV.

Tips for winning at slots

While it is true that slot machines have surpassed other popular online games when it comes to popularity, this does not mean a player will win more than losing when they push a button or pull the traditional slot handle. For instance, most of the trending online slots in the UK today are progressive slot games that pay out massive jackpots. Progressive games of chance tend to fuel a collective jackpot that allows for the recent big prizes awarded in the UK.

At the same time, a longtime slot fan in London shared his views about the best traditional slots online and in physical casinos today.

The slots include:

– Double Diamond features a jackpot of 2,500 coins, and really great odds.

– Megabucks features various jackpots in the “millions of pounds,” while the odds of winning the big one is difficult, there have been some of the biggest casino jackpots ever paid out in the UK.

– Blazing 7’s features a jackpot of about 5,000 coins at reasonable to win money

In addition, both these same slot games and dozens of others offer various smaller jackpots at really good odds, say regular online players in the UK.

How to have fun and win at slots

The overall view about playing and winning at slots is simple: “Play the lowest denomination that you can afford,” say gamblers commenting online. For example, there is a view in the UK that a standard £1 is plenty to get a slot machine “interested.” In turn, a slot programmer explained during a TV interview that slot machines are “very high tech today,” and know when you are placing a good bet. So, start with a pound or two to see if the game is “hot” or not.

Moreover, it is sometimes a good idea to pick slots with smaller jackpots because it tends to increase one’s chances at winning. Simply put, it is much easier to win when playing slots that offer smaller jackpots than going for the big jackpots all the time. Also, longtime gamers say they prefer physical reel slots over video reel slots because video slots seem slower, and “more calculating.” The other trending tip is to believe an advert about a slot game paying back a good percentage because it is simply illegal to falsely advertise games of chance in both the UK and Canada.

Learn slots games in and outs win

The loosest slots are the ones that a player learns to “read,” said a slot fan commenting online. He said this means “learning all about a game” before playing it to increase one’s odds at winning. For example, the big online casino jackpot winners in the UK all were regular players who fully understood the game.

Overall, it is always good to take it slow and easy so as to not make a mistake that can be alleviated by simply learning the rules of the slot game first before betting your hard earned cash