When it comes to various lists of the most expenses competition prizes ever given away, it is interesting to note that the prizes amount to millions and millions awarded to people in all walks of life. A book of world records states that a one million euro prize (approximately £665,000) is awarded every two years for outstanding contributions to technology and science worldwide. Professor Shuji Nakamura of Japan earned the prize recently for inventing blue laser diodes.

At the same time, there are many other top prizes and categories listed in the Guinness record book. For instance, Guinness put the spotlight on some massive prizes won online. At the top of the list is Jonathan Wendel who earned a massive cash prize of £81,000 for winning a video game tournament.

Lottery jackpot world’s largest

The winner for top contest prizes worldwide goes to Spain’s famed Christmas lottery that features a jackpot of £720 million. Also, the United States is not far behind with a lottery competition that varies from state to state.

The winners include:

– A jackpot valued at £640 million for the March 2013 Mega Millions lottery winner nationwide.

– A Powerball jackpot of £580 million divided between who players in the states of California and Georgia in December 2013.

– A Powerball prize of £575 million given to one player in the state of Florida in May 2013.

– A £410 million Mega Millions jackpot divided between players in Florida and Maryland in March 2014.

– A UK TV talent contest offers winners £1 million.

In general, the American lottery jackpots have averaged about £300 million annually for various players in the U.S. However, unlike America, where lottery winnings are taxed at a very large percentage, UK and other European lottery jackpots are usually “tax-free.” For instance, the UK’s “National Lottery” features players earning massive jackpots that are split between the game operator and the British government.

European contest prizes

While a competition by definition is a “challenge” of some type, lottery fans in the UK and other parts of Europe view lotteries as a real challenge when it comes to actually winning. Joking aside, there have been some massive jackpots awarded in Europe that attracted Guinness list makers. For instance, the largest single ticket jackpot was claimed back in July 2011 when a winner in the UK pocketed £161.7 million. There was another big winner back in August 2009 when a winner in Italy claimed a single ticket jackpot of £147 million.

Meanwhile, the other big competition prizes won in the UK – valued in the tens of thousands to millions of pounds – includes the winner of the British Touring Car Championship, the Jackpotjoy competition, the BT Sport Forum, the Swoosh competition and the scratch2cash game to name just a few of many competition prizes on offer in the UK today.

Competition featured online

There are numerous online cash competitions that offer big prizes online. For instance, the Daily Mail newspaper regularly offers readers the opportunity to win £10,000; while the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize was valued at £5,000 for a writer in Uganda. Meanwhile, there are various websites online that regularly offer cash and other prizes that are valued in the hundreds to thousands of pounds for simply logging on and completing a contest form. A smartphone fan commented about winning a cool £500 when checking out the Vodafone website win money online.

Overall, there is a massive variety of top cash and prize competitions online today that are the real deal when it comes to fun games of chance or simply completing a form for a chance to win big money.