The Psychology Of Gambling

Win moneyThe saying tells us that “you cannot win if you do not play.” However, most people who do play wind up losing. Still, gambling holds an attraction to many who are willing to bet their hard-earned money on the slight chance they will win something of more value to them.

Experts have been studying the psychology of gambling for decades to try to understand what motivates people to take a risk with such a small chance of a positive return. This research has discovered that there are many motivators. Each individual could be motivated by one or more of these factors.

First, there is the element of risk taking itself. Humans enjoy a feeling of excitement when there is a battle between risk and reward. The current growth of participation in so-called “extreme sports,” such as cliff jumping and extreme motor sports, demonstrates the attraction of activities that will produce an adrenaline rush and a “natural high.” Cliff jumpers must overcome their natural urges for self-preservation, and the reward may come from simply completing the jump. Gambling with the rent money does not risk life and limb, but it can produce this same rush for its participants.

Gambling also is viewed as an acceptable way of socializing and getting together with others for purposes of amusement. While children are generally left out of this form of entertainment under our social norms, they often are taught at an early age that it is all right to gamble at arcades and other venues that are specifically geared to the younger set. Casino gambling, on the other hand, is an “adults only” form of amusement park, which may be part of what makes is so attractive to the elders. It makes this form of gambling seem more forbidden or exclusive, so the participants can see themselves as part of the “in” crowd.

To add to this idea of gambling as an exclusive activity, casino operators and the media in general promote gambling as a glamorous activity. Gambling venues are depicted as places where the elite meet and as a place to rub elbows with the upper classes. Films and television portray it as sexy, stylish, and fashionable. Scenes of importance to the story line often take place at the race track or spies will make contact at the black jack table. So gamblers may be gambling that some of that glamour will rub off on them.

Even though gambling is seen by many as a way of socializing and meeting up with new people in different circumstances, it also is used by many as a means of escaping the vagaries of the real world for a few hours. The glamour of the casino, with its lights and sounds, and even an online betting venue can be a change of pace for these individuals. They may be seeking to insert an added element of excitement that they feel is lacking in their regular routine. They can feel their senses aroused by being around different people in a different setting with different rules from the normal. We offer inside knowledge on  how to win money using psychology and gambling entwined.

Generally, all these reasons are boosted by the common belief that gambling is a low-risk activity which could bring the individual a high return. This common misconception may be a required belief for participants to be able enjoy the various aspects of emotional return they receive from gambling. In truth, games of chance are established to carry a high risk with a low return, and this is a revelation that would dissuade many from attending a casino or other gambling establishment. Since the house has the odds in its favor, it must do its best to make the idea of winning a jackpot too alluring to